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The Moffat Guard - ~1585 

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Joey Moffitt
Black Dick Badger

The Moffat Guard was created by an act of the Clan Moffat Society Executive Committee during the 2001 AGM in Estes Park, Colorado.

The purpose is to foster knowledge and respect of the Clan Moffat border heritage as a riding clan, and to provide ceremonial duties to the Clan and Chief when appropriate.

In order to demonstrate clan history the Moffat Guard is to become a living history resource, whereby members of the Guard learn through study the nature, costuming, and demeanor of the Moffat Reiver. Each member is encouraged to obtain the accoutrements of a clan Reiver from upper Annandale circa 1585. A Moffat Guard Historian is to be appointed to provide a historical background to the group and to provide periodic articles on the reiver heritage to the Moffatana.

We are looking for a few good clan folk to help us research, write or demonstrate our unique heritage. We need artisans, historians, and/or re-enactors.

The Sergeant is now accepting applications. Please write or e-mail:

Richard S Badger
201 Pleasant St SW
Vienna VA 22180
Day- (703-938-9133)
Eve- (703-242-8887)

Seergeant Black Dick the Badger

A page with information about the Border Reivers can be found here.



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