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The CLAN MOFFAT SOCIETY is established as an educational, cultural and nonprofit organization. The purpose of the society is to encourage and support genealogical and historical research into the Scottish Clan Moffat, and to serve as an instrument of education in conveying historical information to members of the society. To meet the purposes of this group and others in pursuing the ancestral heritage background and family history of their Moffat (of all variations and spellings) ancestors, the Society shall strive:

  • To preserve, promote and pass along to others, the customs, traditions and heritage of the Scottish people;
  • To educate the public concerning Scottish history, literature, religion, music, poetry and the arts;
  • To promote education in this heritage in all practical ways;
  • To encourage travel, correspondence and the interchange of information, ideas and services;
  • To publish a newsletter(s), directory and other publications to meet the needs and requirements of the society.

List of Contacts:

 President  John Moffett - #1539
 Vice President  Roberta Marsh - #968
 Immediate Past President  Joey Moffitt - #176
 Secretary  Brian Moffett - #1434
 Treasurer  David Moffett - #442
 Member at Large - USA  Chelsea French - #1810
 Member at Large - Canada  Vacant
 Membership - USA  Roger Moffat - #1275
 Membership - Canada  Vacant
 Genealogist  Roger Moffat - #1275
 Moffatana  John Moffett - #1539
 Historian  Joey Moffitt - #176
 Chairman of Convenors  Ruth Ann Moffett - 1674
 Quarter Master  Carol Moffett - #1917
 Public Relations  Trey Moffitt - #1910
 Moffat Guard  Sergeant Joey Moffitt - #176
 Commander - Representative of the Clan Chief  Roger Moffat - #1275

A copy of the current By-laws of the Clan Moffat Society as ratified and amended at the 2009 Clan Moffat Society AGM in Ventura, California can be found here.




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