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Links of Interest....

(Please let me know if you have any good links to share)

The Scottish Trading Company - providing top quality Scottish goods and apparel for nearly every price range. From full formal kilt outfits to more casual settings, we are sure that you will find something that fits your needs. The Clan Moffat Society purchases the Quaichs that are presented to our AGM organisers.

A History of Scottish Kilts - a site recommended by a couple of students working on a International Day project they were being tutored for.

The Gathering 2009 - a gathering called by Lord Jamie Sempill for 25-26 July 2009 - "...Over the weekend the largest highland games ever to have been held in Edinburgh will play host to the greatest international clan gathering to have taken place on Scottish soil...."

The Grand Rapids Scottish Society - in Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Heraldry Society of Scotland was founded in 1977 with the objective of promoting the study of heraldry and encouraging its correct use in Scotland and Overseas. The Society is privileged to number many of Her Majesty's Officers of Arms among its members and a close liaison is maintained with The Court of the Lord Lyon.

Clan Johnston/Johnstone Association (U.K.) - website of the Clan Johnston/Johnstone Association in the United Kingdom.

Maffet Genealogy - a page by Clan Moffat Society member Mike Maffett with some information about Maffetts.

The Lordship and Barony of Kilmarnock - this website presents the Lordship & Barony of Kilmarnock, an area of Ayrshire, Scotland, with an incomparable history.

Moffat Pipe Band - a page for the Pipe Band from the town of Moffat, Scotland.

Annandale Arms Hotel - a page that has a number of links to things and activities in and around Moffat, Scotland

County Longford Genealogy Information - a site run by Tom Moffatt that contains much genealogical information about Moffats from Co. Longford in Ireland.

Clan Moffat DNA Project - a project being coordinated by Chris Stewart-Moffitt to apply modern science to the hunt for ancestors and relatives.

Border Reivers - a page with some background and history of the Borders and the "Reivers"...

"The Border Reivers was written to give you a general feeling of how life on the Borders was lived. I do not get into the politics as much as I could have. Politics of the period were convoluted and confusing and I touch only on what is necessary to tell the story. The time line does not begin with a certain date and end at the beginning of the 17th century. The story shifts back and forth and hopefully you will not be confused.  As they are written I will give you a short form of some of the battles which inspired ballads of the time. With all of these self-serving disclaimers, I give you The Border Reivers with the hope that you will be able to absorb the flavor of life on the Border."

Sites selling items of Scottish Interest - a site selling all manner of things Scottish Clan connected. They can produce a great range of items in hundreds of tartans or with clan crests on them. Also a great resource for Scottish Clan information. The Moffat page is here, and the Moffat shop is here. They ship worldwide, and are owned and run by Rodger Moffet and his wife Amanda. - another site with a wide range of clothing available in hundreds of tartans. The Moffat items are here.

Caledonian Heart - a site selling bags and backpacks with a Scottish theme and tartan fabric.

Celtic Papers - a site selling all sorts of paper items with a Celtic theme to them.

Kentucky Barrels - a company in Kentucky run by Dan Moffett that makes specialty barrels, including with the Moffat crest laser engraved onto the end of it, and other items with the Clan Moffat crest engraved on them

The Celtic Exchange - a site selling "things Celtic"

Dunnoon of Scotland - Handcrafted Clan Crest Jewelry, Celtic Jewelry and Wedding Kilts - Our genealogy clan maps of Scotland and Ireland and Irish and Scottish clan crest merchandise will help you discover the lands of your ancestors and the origins of your clan or family name. - Scottish based worldwide supplier of kilts, highland dress and tartans.

Tierra Celta - Arte Celta en Argentina - Celtic Art in Argentina.

Scottish Music Online - a site where you can purchase and download Scottish Music




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