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Submitting Your Genealogy

Since the Clan Moffat Society was founded in 1984 Members have been contributing to the genealogy database. The results of these contributions have resulted in a genealogy database that now contains over 68,000 individuals.

In recent years many non-Members have also made contributions to our database after they've found some part of their family included in it.

You can see this online at

If you're a Moffat, or descended from a Moffat (no matter how you spell it) we hope that you will consider adding your genealogy to our database where it can be seen by anyone with an internet connection, and hopefully added to by other researchers.

Before you get started, if you have the chance check out our database to see if you, or any of your ancestors are already included. This might help cut down on the amount of form filling you need to do if you have to write this out.

There are several ways to contribute your data:

If you already have your genealogy data stored in genealogy software on your computer, the easiest way to contribute your data is electronically – either by sending a copy of the family file, or a GEDCOM file exported from the family file. Send this file by eMail to

If you don’t have your genealogy stored electronically, but know of a relative who does, contact them and see if they’d consider sending it to us electronically as either a software family file or a GEDCOM file. Send this file by eMail to

If you already have your genealogy in a written form, you can send photocopies of the data that you currently have. Send an eMail to and I'll let you know the snailMail address to send it to.

If you don’t have your genealogy prepared either electronically or on paper, you can use the forms linked up below to get you started. There are two different forms – the Lineage form, and the Family Group Sheet. They are combined together with instructions in this file

Start with the Lineage form, and fill in as much a you can there, starting with yourself and working back through your Moffat ancestors. If you have more than 6 generations, continue on the back of the form, using the same layout as is on the front of the form, or start with another blank form, changing the names of the generations as needed.

For each of the generations, fill out a Family Group Sheet for the parents and if possible all of their children, including your ancestor. If you need more copies of the form, make them before you start, or download the form again

To avoid confusion, please write out dates as dd mmm yyyy – eg 2 Mar 1895. Then there can be no doubts about what 2/3/1895 actually means.

Please take the time to get your genealogy added to our database where your contributions might help others, and others might find it and help you.

Thank You!!!!



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