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Clan Memorial Stones at Grandfather Mountain

Update - 21 September 2017 - the Clan Moffat stone is now fully funded - THANK YOU to everyone who contributed.

The Clan Moffat Society has become a supporting member of this initiative as outlined below by the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games in North Carolina.

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games invites our participating clan, family, and Scottish societies to become a part of our Clan Memorial Stones project. Each qualifying organization will be allowed to purchase a 24 inch square by 2 inch thick granite stone to be permanently set in concrete as a lasting memorial at MacRae Meadow. The stones will form a new walkway for the main entrance to the Games field, said by many to be the most beautiful location in the world for a Highland Games.

MacRae Meadow is the most appropriate US location for such a memorial because of many factors: the permanent association of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games with the Meadow, the visibility of the event world wide, and the especially deep association of Grandfather Mountain to the Annual Gathering of Scottish Clans and Families.

Each stone will be engraved with a clan badge and name, set in a concrete panel, and grouted to form a memorial walk for our visitors and patrons as they enter the Games each year. To be eligible for purchase, a clan or family society must be an approved participant in the Parade of Tartans. Recognized individual clans or families grouped under one name are eligible (i.e. Macdonald of Keppoch, Stewart of Bute, Clan Chattan). Other dedicated Scottish Societies may apply, with consideration given for previous participation, etc to determine eligibility.

The initial subscription is $1000 for each stone, provided payment is received by September 1, 2017. After September 1, 2017, the cost will be $1500 per stone.

Grandfather Mountain Memorial Stone Walk



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